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M. Lindell Joseph, PhD, RN
Chief Executive Officer and Lead Nurse Researcher

Lindell Joseph has the courage to lead healthcare organizations by improving the patient experience, developing cultures for innovativeness, and ensuring employee engagement. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Lead Nurse Researcher for Courageous Healthcare. She began her career as a registered nurse and since then has functioned as an innovative leader, with additional roles as an entrepreneur, educator, researcher, evaluator, consultant and change agent in healthcare.

Her education includes an MS in healthcare administration from Andrews University and PhD in human services from Capella University with an emphasis on social and cultural change within organizations. As a leader and change agent in a seven hospital healthcare system in the Southern United States, she produced the following results:

  • Established a nursing research program and increased project activity growth by 700%.

  • Validated a communication technique in a tertiary hospital to decrease turnover intentions by 5% with every 10% increase of strategic communication used by leadership.

  • Engaged leadership and employees with a proven strategy that improved shared understanding and values.

  • Improved organizational efficiency and cost containment by reducing useless purchase of technology with the institution of the product evaluation framework, which resulted in significant savings within the first six months.

  • Co-invented a model for evidenced-based practice and research, that that resulted in the rapid integration of evidence into practice and enabled identification of performance improvement opportunities versus the development of new knowledge.

  • Co-invented the Nursing Practice Council Effectiveness Toolkit, the only product designed for unit level framework for shared governance available in the United States. Nurses who use it voice a new purpose, enabling unit level and organizational level outcomes.

  • In 2010, her team’s six innovations were acknowledged by the Governor of Florida’s Sterling Award Reviewers when her home organization was a recipient of the 2010 Governor’s Sterling Award.

In 2009 and 2010, Dr. Joseph was appointed to the National Patient Care Delivery Committee for the American Organization of Nurse Executives. She is funded at the local, regional, and national level. In addition, she is published and has formally presented on innovativeness, translational research, nursing practice council effectiveness, achieving organizational change through employee engagement, and patient care outcomes at international, national, regional, and local forums.